Early Childhood Education

Pre-school and Pre-Kindergarten

The Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten classes at Espirito Santo School are an integral part of the total educational program. This program helps to develop the child at the earliest level. Our program will provide your child with an environment lived with love, faith, and knowledge. Children are encouraged to explore and learn basic skills through the use of developmentally appropriate activities.

Beginning as early as 2 years and 9 months, students may enter Pre-School where they begin to learn basic “school” skills as many children are entering school for the first time. Once a student turns 4 years old, they move to Pre-Kindergarten which expands on the student’s skills and prepares the child to enter Kindergarten.

Elements of the Pre-School & Pre-Kindergarten classrooms include:

  • Faith Development: Children are introduced to Jesus and His church through Bible stories, songs, prayer services, and school liturgies. Students pray together with their teachers, friends, and prayer partners, who are older students who mentor them. This helps build community and helps the students feel comfortable at school.
  • Language Arts: Much of the success of a young child’s life depends on the ability to communicate in an effective manner. With this in mind, language arts is the foundation for success in our program. This ensures student success upon entering Kindergarten.
  • Math & Science: Through active play, exploration, and experimentation, children learn and discover basic math skills and science concepts. A variety of activities are used to help support the development of the whole child.
  • Creative Arts/Dramatic Play:Among the most important elements of child development is social-emotional development. Students are given innumerable opportunities to express their individuality and imagination. Students are encouraged to be creative while making learning fun. Lastly, constructive play provides the opportunity to engage in stimulating learning experiences, while working with other students in the classroom.

You can view the pre-school schedule here.