School Advisory Board

Espirito Santo Parochial School is operated by Espirito Santo Church, Fall River, Massachusetts, Roman Catholic parish of the Diocese of Fall River.  The school is established to carry out the teaching mission and ministry of the Roman Catholic Church.  As such, the religious and academic programs are and shall at all times continue to be in accordance with the teachings and laws of the Roman Catholic Church and the Diocese of Fall River. At this time, it is the intention of the Pastor of Espirito Santo Church to establish a School Board as an “Advisory Board” as defined in A Primer on Educational Governance in the Catholic Church, to assist him, and his appointed principal, in the governance of Espirito Santo Parochial School. This Advisory School Board shall have as its sole concern the ministry of Catholic education.  The School Board, operating under the guidance of the Diocesan Department of Catholic Education and the Superintendent of Schools, and in conformity with the Diocesan School Policies, shall concern itself with policy matters pertaining to the general excellence of Catholic education at Espirito Santo Parochial School.

The Board is established to assist the Pastor and the Principal by providing advice and counsel particularly in the following areas:

1. Strategic Planning

a. To assist in formulating strategic goals for the long-term direction of the school;

b. To assist in formulating the school mission statement and vision statement.

2. Policy Formulation

a. To provide advice and counsel with regard to policies in areas determined by the Pastor and the Principal.

3. Evaluation

a. To provide advice and counsel with regard to and to assist in the evaluation of policies, plans, mission effectiveness, and Board self-evaluation.

4. Institutional Advancement/Development

a. To provide advice and counsel with regard to the establishment and maintenance of comprehensive programs of institutional advancement and to enhance the image, enrollment, and financial viability of the school.

5. Financial Planning and Financial Management

a. To provide advice and counsel with regard to long-range financial planning, annual budget development, budget monitoring, and financial reporting.

6. Communication and Mission Enhancement

a. To provide advice and counsel with regard to communicating school policies and activities to the various school constituencies;

b. To provide advice and counsel with regard to both mission effectiveness and mission enhancement.

The Board has no authority for formulating policies separate from the Pastor and Principal. The Board does not have responsibility for determining the amount of parish funds in support of the school, or the use of parish funds for the school, and has no responsibility with regard to school curriculum, staff/personnel, or students.