We invite you to learn about the history of Espirito Santo!

Espirito Santo School opened its doors on September 19, 1910. The parishioners celebrated the completion of the new building that housed the parish church on the second floor and the first Portuguese Catholic grammar school in America on the first floor. A full day kindergarten program was added to the school in 1925. The second floor church remained the parish’s place of worship until the early 1960’s. In 1963, a new school and church were built to accommodate the increasing numbers of families and students that immigrated to the Fall River area in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. The educational program expanded in 2001 with the addition of a four year old Pre-Kindergarten program and again in 2002, when a three year old pre-school program was added.

Today this school continues to serve the Portuguese immigrant population providing a Catholic Christian education that promotes intellectual, spiritual, and moral growth while keeping the Portuguese language and culture alive. Approximately 70% of our students are bi-lingual and about 90% of our students are of Portuguese descent. Children are instructed in the Portuguese language in order to help them function and serve in the Portuguese-American community. In addition, Espirito Santo School has the highest percentage of students who are parishioners attending the school compared to other area parishes with schools. Attending Espirito Santo School has become a family tradition; grandchildren of alumni are presently attending school here just as their family members did before them.

Espirito Santo School has been supported by a dedicated, generous, faithful and united parish community. We are now in our second century of educating the children of Espirito Santo Parish and surrounding areas. It is with pride that we reflect on the rich tradition and history that have made Espirito Santo School an important presence in the city of Fall River.