Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions. As always, you are welcome to give the school a call at 508-672-2229 with any additional questions you may have.

  • What are the school hours? What grades do you offer?

    Our school days begins at 8:00am, with reflection and prayer. Our school day concludes at 2:30pm. Our school offers Pre-School through Grade 8. Morning care is available to families, beginning at 7:00am, and after-care is available until 5:00pm.

  • How much is tuition?


  • Is child care offered before and after the school day? What are the hours and cost?

    Yes, we have extended care before and after school. See the rates below.

    Extended Care Rates for 2024-2025

  • Do you offer financial aid? If so what is the process to apply?

    Diocese of Fall River Foundation to Advance Catholic Education (FACE)

    These scholarships are distributed on a “need basis” to ensure that any child desiring to attend one of the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Fall River will have that opportunity. A formal application procedure is required of all who wish to apply for aidTuition Aid amounts range from $200 to $2000 per academic year. There is a application fee per family.

    Parish Assistance

    Your parish may offer tuition assistance of up to $300 per academic year. Please inquire with your parish’s administration office for more details.

    All scholarships and financial aid require a formal application. To inquire, please contact our Principal, Andrew Raposo at 508-672-2229. We are committed to doing the utmost to make our school accessible to all children who wish to attend.

  • What is the school’s curriculum?

    The curriculum is based on the learning outcomes set forth by the Diocese of Fall River. This can be accessed here:

  • How is religion incorporated? Do you accept non-Catholics?

    We welcome children from all faith backgrounds who wish to be taught in a caring and nurturing environment that views every child as a gift from God.

    It is lived in our school daily by the formation of the character of our students, in faith, service and love.

    Espirito Santo does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, ethnicity or national origin.

  • What special classes do you have?

    Outside of the core academic classes, we offer Art, PE, and music classes. We also educate the students in Portuguese, beginning in Kindergarten.

  • Do you provide special education services?

    Yes, our school has two special education teachers who help serve students with special education needs. We also offer Title I services.

  • What type of technology do you have?

    Our school is equipped with projectors in every classroom, and each classroom has a cart of Chromebooks or iPads. Students use these throughout the year, for classwork, activities, projects and testing.

  • How much homework will my child receive?

    Students will receive an appropriate amount of homework for their grade level that enriches their learning from school to home.

  • What extracurricular activities do you offer?

    We offer a variety of extracurricular activities, including choir, Mad Science, CYO Basketball, Futsal, Knitting/Sewing… just to name a few.

  • Is there a PTO or a Parents’ Guild?

    We have a PTO, which helps assist with the fundraising of our school. If you are interested in joining the PTO please email Mr. Raposo at

  • Is there a school nurse?

    Yes, we have a full-time nurse at our school who handles all student health needs, and records.

  • Do your students wear a uniform? Where can they buy one?

    Yes, students do wear a uniform to attend our school. Those uniforms can be purchased through Donnelly’s clothing.