PreSchool Daily Schedule

(as of January 2023)

7:40 – 8:10 Greeting
8:15 Whole school greeting, prayer and flag on intercom with Mr. Raposo
8:25 Whole group work/project/skill time including lesson of the day/week
9:00 – 9:35 Snack and bathroom
9:35 – 9:50/9:55 Circle time – weather, days of the week, flag song, book
9:55 – 11:10 Constructive Play (areas of play are changed biweekly)

  • Project/work
    Individual time with teacher- we practice coloring, tracing, cutting, gluing,
    painting.  We encourage creativity through the arts.
  • Math/Science Area
    The children are encouraged to play through numbers, shapes, and counting
    manipulatives.  The children are developing their touch and smell senses.  Sand or
    water play, magnets, etc.   The children are giving the opportunity for
    discovery play.
  • Physical/Constructive Play
    The children here are engrossed in block building, Lego® connecting, and using
    their imagination in creative play on the rug area.
  • Dramatic Play
    The children can play in the kitchen area, take care of babies, puppets, small
    dolls or restaurant play.
  • Library Area
    This area is always available for the children to sit by themselves or with a
    friend – it is where children gain the foundation for reading and writing.
  • Drawing/Coloring Area
    This is where the children can develop their pre writing and drawing skills by using a variety of tools. We allow the imagination to flow with conversation.
  • Table Area
    This is where the children can enjoy a peaceful activity of puzzles. It helps build up memory, problem solving and positions and strategies to complete them. (beginning math skills)

**Daily physical activity using projector and YouTube preschool exercises or outdoor weather permitting

11:00 Half day children dismissal
11:10 Cleanup, story, prayer and prepare for lunch
11:25-1:20 lunch, bathroom and rest
1:20-2:00 rest time things away, self-help skills of putting my belongings in backpack…
Skill building:  using TouchScreen, individual wipe boards, cutting, books
2:00 Start of dismissal

After school care is available until 5:00.